What is H-2B extension?

Generally, an H-2B worker should not stay longer than the time specified on the TLC. H-2B extension is simply extending the H-2B worker’s stay period beyond the endorsement on the TLC by the USCIS before the visa’s expiration.

Upon approval of the application for extension, the worker is free to stay beyond the stay period in the first TLC. However, the new stay period will be stated in the new Labor Certification. The application to extend the stay of a non-immigrant worker is made by the employer or on his behalf.

Can the H-2B visa be extended after three years?

An H-2B worker may stay in the United States for a maximum of three years; after three years, the worker should first leave the country for a continuous period of at least three months before seeking readmission. The maximum stay period for an H2B worker is three years. Therefore, if the employee has stayed for an uninterrupted period of three years, there is no extension for such a worker.

Can my stay be longer than 12 months on the H-2B visa?

Before the expiration of the 12 months, If an application for an extension of time is approved, the stay period can be extended beyond the 12 months on the visa by the USCIS. So, the extension is dependent on the approval of the application.

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