1. What are the requirements for H-2B visa holder?

    To qualify for H-2B visa, you must:
    1. Have a valid job offer from a U.S. employer to perform temporary or seasonal nonagricultural work
    2. Show proof of an intent to return to your home country on expiration of the visa
  2. What privileges do I enjoy on H2B visas?

    On H2B visas you may:
    1. Enter the U.S. for a temporary work and enjoy all employee benefits
    2. Get your dependents to stay with you in the U.S.
    3. Travel freely in and out of the U.S. on H-2B visa
    4. Change jobs if you can show a new job offer
  3. How long can I stay in the U.S. on H2B visa?

    The H-2B Labor Certification application is valid for the period of employment indicated on the Form ETA-750A. However, the validity period may not exceed one year. With the initial one year and the ability to file for extensions you can stay for a maximum of three years on this visa.
  4. Are there any age limits for the program?

    While there is no age restriction, generally, the program is open to participants between 18-45 years of age.
  5. When do I apply for a job with Elite Recruitment?

    We recommend that you start the process with us at least 5 months prior to the start date of your employment.
  6. How much will I be paid?

    You will be paid the prevailing wage rate that is paid to the U.S. workers for the same job – generally $7 – $22/hour.
  7. Who will take care of my housing?

    Employers have no obligation to provide housing, however, some employers provide accommodation for free, others provide some contribution. Some employers do not provide accommodation and workers have to find on their own.
  8. Can I work for a different employer after I enter the U.S.?

    H-2B certification is issued to the employer, not the worker, and is not transferable from one employer to another or from one worker to another. Certification is issued only for a specific job opportunity, for a specific number of workers, and for a specific employment period.

    However, you may change jobs if you find a new employer who obtains an H-2B certification for you.
  9. Can I extend my stay on H-2B visa?

    Yes, you may apply for Extension of Stay on H-2B visa. The employer may apply for re-certification for an additional two years with one year extensions, but on each new application, the employer must justify the reason for the H2B extension request.

    You may also extend your stay in the U.S. by obtaining an H-2B job with a new employer.
  10. Can I study on H-2B visa?

    Yes, you may study on H-2B visa. However, you may not enter a full-time, full-length program like an F-1. You may take a few credits at a university when they do not keep you from the primary purpose of your H-2B visa.
  11. Can I bring my dependents on H-2B visa?

    Yes, you may bring your dependents while on H-2B visa. Your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 can apply for an H-4 visa and they may stay as long as you have a valid H-2B status.
  12. Why there is a $70 charge?

The fee covers your registration and placement with a US employer. The fee is valid for one year, and it is refundable if we unable to find an employer for you.